VIEWSTER is a video on demand service from VIEWSTER Ltd., Switzerland. VIEWSTER offers an attractive choice of up-to-date feature films, series and film star interviews. Viewster is available on your PC and Mac, your internet connected television and BluRay player and on your tablet or mobile phone.




User requirements:

  • System requirements:
    • Minimum internet connection of DSL 4000 kbit/s
  • Does VIEWSTER work without an internet flatrate?

    You need an internet connection to access VIEWSTER on your internet ready television. In order to avoid unnecessary extra costs with pay-as-you-go tariffs, we recommend an internet flatrate.

    The cost of VIEWSTER single purchases and subscriptions does not include the costs of streaming. Without flatrate or after exceeding your volume limit, you will be charged by your internet provider.



  • How do I register with VIEWSTER?

    By going to our registration page. Using Facebook Connect will make the process even easier.

    Register now with VIEWSTER for free

    After you have clicked 'Registration', you'll be forwarded to the registration form.

  • Are my personal details secure with VIEWSTER?

    Yes. We take data security seriously and guarantee that your personal details remain secure. We will neither use your personal details for other purposes nor share them with third parties without your explicit consent. You'll find more information on this topic in our Data Protection statement.


    Read our Data Protection statement here


Our Movies

  • What kind of content can I find on VIEWSTER?

    VIEWSTER offers a broad range of feature films, series and film star interviews, all available at any time and whereever you want at the push of a button.

  • How soon can I find new movies on VIEWSTER?

    The VIEWSTER team works around the clock to extend the existing catalogue, so there is no specific time we upload new videos. Instead we try to upload new films as soon as we can after we have obtained them. Due to licencing restrictions many movies only appear 3 months after their cinema release and are only available for a limited time period.

  • Can I request new titles for VIEWSTER?

    Yes, please. Your feedback is an important part in helping us to improve the service for you. If you'd like to suggest or request a film, you can do so through the contact form.

    Go to the contact form

  • Why aren't all cinema films or DVD releases available on VIEWSTER?

    We try to offer the largest range of titles from all the biggest film studios as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, due to licencing restrictions this is not always possible, but we're working hard to make our catalogue as exciting and as up-to-date as possible.


How much does VIEWSTER cost?

  • How much does VIEWSTER cost?

    We offer our content free of charged and advertisement based. There are no costs connected to using Viewster. As Viewster is a legal service, the filmmakers receive their share from the advertisement revenues.

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