Eaten Alive

Eaten Alive

USA | 1977 | 87 min. | Rated: R
Languages available: EN
Original Title: Eaten Alive
Genre: , Classics

Tobe Hooper

Carolyn Jones , Marilyn Burns , Mel Ferrer , Neville Brand , William Finley

This late 70’s horror film is set in the premises of a hotel. A man named Judd owns the Starlight Hotel close to a swamp and has a crocodile for a pet. The pet remains hidden to the guests until of course they are made fodder for the wild beast. The guest list includes a prostitute accompanied by her father and sister, another family who fall victim to the uncalled for trauma. The unfortunate events follow as these people go through the ordeal and severely wounded by the beast, while Judd tries to make amends before things go too far.

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