Escape from Sobibor

Escape from Sobibor

United Kingdom | 1987 | 143 min. | Rated: 16
Languages available: EN
Original Title: Escape from Sobibor

Jack Gold

Alan Arkin , Emil Wolk , Hartmut Becker , Jack Shepherd , Joanna Pacula , Rutger Hauer

With the Jews escaping from the death camp at Treblinka, Commandant at Sobibor pledges that it would not take place under his vigilance. The Jews on the other hand who have only few days in hand plan the greatest escape. On account of the earlier massacre that took the toll of an equal number of other prisoners, if the escapists were caught. It meant the escape of total 600 and the inevitable how Killing the German guards seemed like a feasible option as nothing else would have worked but did it really happen so or was there a way out instead.

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