El Padrino

El Padrino

USA | 2004 | 127 min. | Rated: R
Languages available: EN
Original Title: El Padrino

Damian Chapa

Damian Chapa , Emilio Rivera , Faye Dunaway , Sal Lopez

In this crime thriller, Kilo is the drug kingpin and rules the streets of the city. He has things going good with his stronghold on the Mexican cartel and the teenagers who need to survive on the power of drugs. With a reputation so bad, the Governor seeks the favor of the infamous Kilo, when his daughter gets murdered. On the other hand, the law abiders, the Judge and the Attorney General, want him to take an action against Kilo. Being framed to be killed in an encounter, Kilo has fewer friends to turn to as he plans to rescue himself.

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