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United Kingdom | 2005 | 124 min. | Rated: PG-13
Languages available: DE
Original Title: Sahara
Genre: , Comedy

Breck Eisner

Matthew McConaughey , Penélope Cruz , Rainn Wilson , Steve Zahn , William H. Macy

The movie circumnavigates around the idea of an ironclad battleship, which is known as ‘Ship of Death’. To add to the mystery that surrounds this vessel is the fact that it protects a secret cargo that was once lost somewhere in the deserts of West Africa. Dr. Eva Rojas does not believe the talks about secret treasure and thinks that there is more to the story of the Ship of Death. And then there are Dirk, Al and Eva who are searching for the ship who no one believes to even exist. Will they find it And even if they do, will they be able to defeat the dangerous warlords

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