Action Replayy

Action Replayy

India | 2010 | 129 min. | Rated: 6
Languages available: EN, HI
Original Title: Action Replayy
Genre: , Comedy

Vipul Shah

Aishwarya Rai , Akshay Kumar , Randhir Kapoor

Bunty and Tanya are madly in love. While Tanya is all set to get married, Bunty runs away from the idea, the reason being his mad parents who fight all the time. Scared that he and Tanya would end up in a bad marriage as well, Bunty thinks of undoing the past. He must travel back in time to make his parents, Kishen and Mala, fall in love again. However, his path to success is not easily carved. With unlikely people crossing his way and making the plan a failure, Bunty feels stuck. Bunty finally gets to beat it all and emerge a wiser man knowing the essence of love after all.

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