India | 2010 | 135 min. | Rated: 16
Languages available: HI
Original Title: Shaapit
Genre: , Action & Adventure

Vikram Bhatt

Aditya Narayan , Murli Sharma , Rahul Dev , Shubh Joshi , Shweta Agarwal

Aman Bhargav wants to get married to his love Kaaya Shekhawat. He does an informal proposal with an engagement ring. Little does the couple know that Kaaya’s future of marital bliss is cursed. As soon as the couple meets a fatal car accident, Kaaya’s family reveals the truth to them. Aman could not believe it but with strange events, he comes to know that something sinister is working against their fate. He meets Prof. Pashupathi to find a way out of it. The Professor agrees to help him but warns him of the life threatening perils ahead. Aman gears up to take the battle against the spirit to seek a peaceful life with Kaaya.

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