King of Bollywood

King of Bollywood

India | 2004 | 101 min. | Rated: 6
Languages available: EN
Original Title: King of Bollywood
Genre: , Comedy

Piyush Jha

Joanna PickerinG , Kavita Kapoor , Manoj Pahwa , Om Puri , Sophie Dahl

Karan Kumar (Om Puri) famously knows as KK, was the reigning King of Bollywood in his heydays. But those times are over. Yet, KK is still living in those glories that he cannot easily shake off. An NRI girl, Crystal Chaurasia, visits India to make a documentary featuring KK. She has watched his movies as a kid. So, on her trip to Mumbai she is hoping to make this documentary. While KK tries to accept his retirement, he wishes that his son Rahul should take on his Bollywood dreams. What happens in this hilarious script is to be seen and enjoyed.

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