Cape Karma

Cape Karma

India | 2007 | 90 min. | Rated: 16
Languages available: EN
Original Title: Cape Karma
Genre: , Horror

Late Pankaj Advani

Audrie Elizabeth Woodehouse , Gulshan Grover , Rahul Dev , Tisca Chopra

Manav (Rahul Dev) is a womanizer. He does not quite believe in settling down and goes with the flow of time. He loves his independence and therefore likes to keep his choices open. One fateful day, he happens to be in a car accident. As he tries to make his way out, he finds a door in the middle of the highway. With curiosity he opens it and enters the other side. It seems like he is back to the normal world but it is not quite so. He gets a lift in a posh car driven by a woman named Maya. Maya seems to be the perfect woman that he had been looking for and is very attractive too. But she is caught in a bad marriage. Is Manav actually in the real world What is happening to him What is Cape Karma

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