The Unforgettable

The Unforgettable

India | 2009 | 105 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN
Original Title: The Unforgettable
Genre: , Romance

Arsala Qureishi and Sabrina Louis

Chook Sibtain , Raji James , Salman Qureishi , Sofia Hayat

Yash is a man who is trying to make a difference to his life and to that of the others. He goes around with certain ideals of his owns. However, his ethics are put to question when he meets Padma. Padma likes to keep a clandestine image of hers, which is not what she actually is. In quest of knowing the real Padma, Yash is drawn towards her. The plot unfolds in the characters finding an unusual definition of love that knows no boundaries and does not judge.

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