USA | 2008 | 105 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN
Original Title: EXPLORING LOVE
Genre: , Drama

Brent Bambic

Ashley Noel , JeanPaul SanPredo , Katherine Newcomer , Kristia Knowles , Matthew Pearson

Sean Parker has always been an emotional mess and all he wants is to get into a serious relationship with some girl. His close friends advise him to open up in front of his father. Sean is the head of a modeling agency and he gets to meet the prettiest girls in town every day. However his goal to get into a serious relationship makes him quite cold towards the hot quotient around him. His friend Bastian on the other hand loves to have fun and has frequent flings with the girls. Sean does date few girls but he can’t find the ‘right’ kind of girl and so he sets off to a spiritual journey.

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