Video X

Video X

USA | 2001 | 101 min. | Rated: 18
Languages available: EN
Original Title: Video X
Genre: , Horror

James D. Mortellaro

Jack Kyle , Joey Gibson , Michelle Moretti

It is a movie involving raw footage taken from the camera of Darla-Jean Stanton and Dwayne Foote, two young serial killers from rural Kentucky, who recorded their trail of murder and robbery through 6 states amazingly. This apparently unedited, controversial footage was first shown in the documentary ‘Murder In The Heartland’, released earlier by Vanguard Cinema. This is the first time it has been made available for the public. Video X captures the journey of these two young sweethearts from the moment they leave their Kentucky hometown and drive down express highways to their descent into a wrong path where things quickly get out of control. It is clear from the footage that there is no hope for return for them. Authorities had initially claimed this footage to be ‘non-existent’ but now it is available in an unedited version with the original running time. Legal channels have helped a lot in securing the footage for this remarkable release. All rights pertaining to its release is reserved by Vanguard Cinema under the Freedom of Information Act protection.

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