For Heaven's Sake

For Heaven's Sake

USA | 2008 | 98 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN
Original Title: For Heaven's Sake
Genre: , Drama

Nat Christian

Allison Lange , David Paetkau , Florence Henderson , Kathryn Gordon , Yaani King

For Heaven’s Sake! is an emotional, lively roller-coaster ride for the entire family underlying meanings of faith. Sarah Miller (Henderson) is a successful author and a fun- loving lively intellectual. She loves her granddaughter Katie the most. Though athletic and slim, Sarah suffers a sudden cardiac arrest and finds herself transported to heaven. Although an atheist, she is accepted into Heaven and prepares to meet her long lost loved and dear ones. Meanwhile, back on earth, Katie collapses on her birthday as she cannot come to terms with her “Nanny’s” death. Katie is rushed to the hospital. When Sarah learns of that, she grabs hold of some bureaucratic loopholes in Heaven and appears for a short conversation with Katie in the hospital. While Katie wants to go to heaven with her Nanny, Sarah convinces her to stay back and enjoy her life on earth.

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