Germany | 2006 | 104 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN, MN
Original Title: Khadak

Jessica Hope Woodworth , Peter Brosens

Banzar Damchaa , Batzul Khayankhyarvaa , Dugarsuren Dagvadorj , Tserendarizav Dashnyam , Tsetsegee Byamba

Khadak is set in the steppes of Mongolia with dashes of magical realism thrown in. After Bagi’s pilot father dies, he grows up here with epilepsy just like his father. He herds sheep and suffers from sudden fits. A deadly plague soon attacks the animals, which compels the family to leave the place and move to the city to find livelihood. Bagi gets a mining job in the city where his fits increase in regularity, bringing in visions in this wasteland of mining, wreckage and factory ruins. He gets together with a troupe comprising student performers after he saves the life of one of them. As herders become bereft of their flocks, he makes use of his visions to find direction. Now, the question is – will he be able to save his people and also find love

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