Wild Camp

Wild Camp

France | 2005 | 79 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN, FR
Original Title: Wild Camp

Christophe Ali , Nicolas Bonilauri

Denis Lavant , Isild Le Besco , Jean-Michel Guerin , Martine Demaret , Pascal Bongard

Shot in the scenic locations of France, the movie deals with the erotic liaison between Blaise, an unlucky ex-con, and Camille, a beautiful but thoroughly bored teenager. In order to mend his ways, Blaise works under his brother-in-law Eddie’s sailing camp as a sailing instructor. However, he is constantly troubled by reminisces from his past which includes the memories of his ex-wife and children. Though he tries to resist Camille’s advances at first, Blaise soon gives in once his repressed capacity for life is awakened by the girl’s nubile sexuality and spontaneity. What follows is a dangerous liaison with disastrous consequences.

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