Vampires vs Zombies

Vampires vs Zombies

| 2004 | 80 min. | Rated: R
Languages available: EN
Original Title: Vampires vs Zombies

Nicole Hancock , Vince D'Amato

Bonny Giroux , Brinke Stevens , C.S. Munro , Maritama Carlson

Vampires vs Zombies is a complete mixture of all elements of horror like Witches, Vampires, Zombie Catholic School Girls and Cannibals with a healthy dose of sensuality in the form of Lesbian relations as portrayed between the main characters. It moves at a fast pace and turns into a vampire-lesbian story touching the genres of horror, action and comedy equally. It is based on J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s classic where the young protagonist Jenna becomes the victim of a rare vampiric plague resulting in different kinds of wild hallucinations. So, she sets off with Travis, her father, to find a cure by tracing the source of this evil infection which is vampire Carmilla. Cult icon Brinke Stevens plays Carmilla’s keeper, Juliet who keeps a close watch on them while they travel towards her hometown which is the root of all the apocalyptic horror. This is where Travis and Jenna meet General, their friend who helps them in their endeavor to destroy the age-old baroness Carmilla.

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