Passport to Love

Passport to Love

USA | 2009 | 90 min. | Rated: PG-13
Languages available: VI
Original Title: Passport to Love
Genre: , Comedy

Victor Vu

Binh Minh , Huy Khanh , Kathy Uyen

Passport to Love is a modern romcom set in Saigon in Vietnam and Orange Country in USA. The protagonists are Khang and Hieu. While Khang is an attractive and handsome Casanova, Hieu is his dedicated and persevering sidekick who aspires to be the next ‘Bill Gates’. Both are sent to America to study with the hope of bringing back lucrative university degrees. When they reach America, Khang’s life takes a dramatic turn as he falls in love with a policewoman who is a single mother and happens to be the same cop who books him. On the other hand, Hieu finds himself stuck between Jennifer, who is a Viet Kieu pageant girl and Thao, his excessively perfect fiancй in Vietnam. When he heads back home coming to know of his mother’s illness, he is followed by a disappointed Jennifer. Just when the world of Tiffany and Khang is about to enter a new chapter, Khang’s father comes to America to meet his son, who is still there, and confronts him, being completed devastated with the way his son is leading his life.

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