Viva Cuba

Viva Cuba

Cuba | 2006 | 80 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: ES
Original Title: Viva Cuba
Genre: , Spanish

Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti

Larisa Vega Alamar , Luisa María Jimenez Rodriguez , Milo Avila , Tarrau Broche

The bond of love between two innocent kids is threatened by the bitter conflicts of their class-conscious parents – this makes up the plot of this ‘Romeo and Juliet’ styled movie. Malъ’s high-society single mother does not approve of her closeness to Jorgito who hails from a family of limited means but high ideals. Jorgito’s mother reciprocates the same feelings and restricts him from meeting Malъ in order to protect her family’s social esteem. The children get to know that Malъ’s mother has decided to leave Cuba which would result in their separation and in order to avoid this, they decide to go to the other side of the island in search of Malъ’s father so that he can be talked into not signing the papers that would let Malъ’s mother execute her plans. This Spanish tale of undying love of the two children is portrayed with English subtitles to make it comprehensible for the world audience. This heartwarming film won the Junior Prize in Cannes Film Festival and was the Official Selection in Toronto San Francisco and London International Film Festivals.

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