Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda

2004 | 1
Original Title: Hotel Rwanda

Terry George

Millions of Tutsi tribe members were murdered in Rwanda in 1994 by the rival Hutu members as the rest of the world ignored the sad events. Hotel Rwanda does not narrate the events of that bloodbath. The story revolves around a hotel supervisor who helped save more than a thousand lives by just being an excellent hotel supervisor. The guy is one Paul Rusesabagina, starred by Don Cheadle, who shows a lot of capability during a time of anarchy. He uses his techniques of deception, apology, flattery and bribery to help free people who had come for help. Paul belongs to the Hutu group but is married to Tatiana, a well-known Tutsi. He has utilized his skills gained in Belgium to open a 4-star hotel in the Rwandese capital of Kigali. The country's troubles start when the massacre explodes all of a sudden. The Hutus are now in command and effective forces move around the country, murdering Tutsis.

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