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The Booth at the End

The Booth at the End

USA | 2011 | 115 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN
Original Title: The Booth at the End
Genre: , Series

Jessica Landaw

Jenni Blong , Jenny Del Rosario , Xander Berkeley , Michelle Dunker , Matt Boren , Sarah Clarke , Jack Conley , Dayton Callie

A morally ambiguous mystery man offers visitors anything they wish, for a price. Xander Berkeley (24, CSI, Terminator 2) stars as The Man, a mysterious figure who sits in the corner booth of a restaurant, greeting a rotating cast of visitors, seeking their greatest desires. In exchange, he asks that they perform certain tasks for him, such as robbery, terrorism, and murder. Totally hypnotic stuff! Watch it for the acting, since the tension of the show hinges on really great performances.

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