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USA | 2008 | 780 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN
Original Title: jPod
Genre: , Sci-Fi & Fantasy

J.B. Sugar , Mike Clattenburg , Peter DeLuise , Tim Southam , Rachel Talalay , Kristoffer Tabori , Brad Turner

David Kopp , Steve Lefkowitz , Emilie Ullerup , Steph Song , Benjamin Ayres , Torrance Coomb , Sherry Miller , Alan Thicke , Colin Cunningham

jPod chronicles the lives of Ethan Jarlewski and his co-workers at Neotronic Arts as they confront "Chinese gangs, boneheaded bosses, sexual swinging, British royalty and gore-laced, video games." The pod was created by a Y2K glitch (remember that??) that caused workers with last names beginning with the letter J to be grouped together resulting in a motley crew with questionable morals all forced to work together. With a new boss who wants "change, change, change," wacky unstable parents (one has a pot farm and the other has decided to be an actor) and a crush on the new girl, poor Ethan has his hands full.

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