TV Series

Pretty Tough

Pretty Tough

USA | 2011 | 112 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: EN
Original Title: Pretty Tough
Genre: , Sports

Stewart Hendler

Adelaide Kane , Crystal Young , Matthew Florida , Jess Adams , Guy Wilson

Sisters—did you ever wish you had one? We can tell you someone who didn't—Charlie Brown (not THAT Charlie Brown). A little love wouldn't go astray between her and her older sister Krista—the second most popular girl in school. The two are living on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum, with Krista being the overachieving, beautiful star, and Charlie living in her shadow. While they might be able to passively aggressively annoy each other at home, all that is about to change when they join the same soccer team. Teen angst, high school, hot guys and sibling rivalry.

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