TV Series

Three Sons Make Great Wealth

Three Sons Make Great Wealth

Viet Nam | 2009 | 2250 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: VI, VI (EN subtitles)
Original Title: Three Sons Make Great Wealth
Genre: , Romance

LE Quang Hung

HUYNH Anh Tuan , Bao Tri , Ngoc Lan , Phuong Dung , Phuong Quynh , Quang Tuan , Quynh Lam , Tan Hung , MAI Thanh Dung

Inspired by the Vietnamese idiom “a family cannot stay rich and peaceful if there are three sons,” this is your classic daytime soap opera with a very Viet twist. The story centers on a Vietnamese family of three brothers: Tuan, Tu and Toan. At times funny and downright bizarre, we found this show strangely addictive, plus you'll get a pretty good insight into daily life in Hanoi (scooters!). So if it's melodrama you're after, this series will deliver.

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