TV Series

Isle of Rice

Isle of Rice

Viet Nam | 2012 | 1845 min. | Rated: --
Languages available: VI, VI (EN subtitles)
Original Title: Isle of Rice
Genre: , Romance

NGUYEN Duy Vo Ngoc

Ly Hung , Thuy Diem , Phuong Khanh , Dinh Hieu , Nguyen Chau

Remember the woman who tried to kill her lover so that nobody else could be with him? Well, the ladies of Isle of Rice sure do. These biatches make Joan Crawford look cuddly. Although the men (human traffickers, gangsters, dealers and sexist jerks, etc.) are no better, they all serve to make this show weirdly addictive in a train wreck kinda way. It does have soul and a picturesque South Vietnam setting, but it also has a lady with self-inflicted facial acid burns.

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